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Valbo sportskytteklubb

Skytteföreningen för både Sportskyttar och jägare

Opening Days

The shooting range is open during the spring and summer (mid-April to August) open to members and the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:00-20:30 Holiday season in July. During September the moosecourse is open on Saturdays between 09:00 and 12:00 Current prices can be found in the menu for each branch. The page is under construction and some information is thus not here yet. But we will be working with this during the season and try to keep it updated. Missing something? Get in touch and we'll try to solve it.


As a member of the Club you in addition rabbaterade prices on ammo are also able to be with the club championship in the various shooting branches. It is also possible to use the facility to insert youre weapon at times other than regular hours.

Membership fees.

1st year (20-64 years of age) 300: - (Entrance fee + Member)

2nd year and thereafter 150: -

Seniors (65 + years) 150 -

Women 150: -

Juniors up to 19 years 75:-

Bank giro for payment 5689-0759

Remember to note: Name; address, social security number, phone, and email address on the payment.

You may allso ask any of oure instructors for a payment form.

Hunters License

Perhaps the majority of new shooters we get to the track through the hunter exam. Skilled instructors help with the exercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and when you feel ready, we have approved leaders who organizes the time of shoot / write-up. Remember that at every opportunity (theoretical and practical) to bring ID. If it comes to writing inclusion even a photo (passport photo)

Only cash payment.

Group / Company shootings

As a fun activity for the company, stag or hen party, you can rent a hail course with instructor and Gun.

cost for one occasion (3 hours) 250kr / person which includes 25 shots. If you have the desire and time to shoot more, you can buy another 25 shots for 80 -


Valbo Sportskytteklubb begins its story in the late fifties. The beginning of that section 91 in Valbo of the Hunters' Association is building a riflerange in Spikåsbäcken in Mackmyra. The track was widely used and the number of members increased, but a few years into the sixties it had to be phased out when the Highway would get a new route. A several year long work started to find a new spot for the course. Five years later, it was clear that the new area was that of today, in Ängsberg, Sofiedal. In addition to the land was suitable for the track there were also remnants of Valbos oldest sharpshooter range that dates to the late nineteenth century.

1968 The construction starts and begins a great work for the courses should be able to take place. Forest were disclosed, land drainage, roads built, and numerous amounts of filler material added to it. 1969 After the members together contributed 2149 hours of work stood lanes ready for use. They now consisted of a skeet range, a 50 meter range for deer and wild boar and a combined range for moose and deer. A competition inaugurated the facility, this contest then continued yearly under the name "Jubilee Contest". Members are to the number of 48.

1970 Work on a club house starts, but will be a lengthy process. The current cottage is an existing timber outbuilding that the club gets as a gift from Valbo Municipality. Members are now 105 pieces.

1971 Land Planning for a second skeet path is performed.

1972 Club members work throughout the year with the second skeet course, which at the end of the year just lacks electricity and machinery.

1973 Resources for the completion of the clubhouse allocated from Gävle Municipality. The number of shots fired on the courses are increasing rapidly.

1974 The clubhouse becomes finished and a drinking water well is dug.

1975 More land is purchased in order to build a third course for skeet. Construction of a trap court sanctioned.

1976 A decision is made to increase the facility by an additional 50 meters runway.

1977 Building permits for a second 50 meter track is granted. The track will be completed this year.

1978 Land Planning for the third skeet course is completed, The course is inspected and approved. The membership is now 235 pieces.

1981 Club undertakes to arrange exames for Hunting licence.

1984 The since many years planned trap course being built and financed in full from own resources.

1985 The newly built Trap course is used.

1986 Interest in the trap has increased and the expansion of another trap court sanctioned. Training Activity on the site is very extensive with the whole 315 000 shots fired during the year.

1987 Yet another trap course is built and put into use.

1988 Club asks to be appointed as a test track for Hunting licence, the request is approved.

1991 A restroom building established and raises the standard of facility services.

1993 A pheasant court is built at skeet track number three. Members are 255.

1995 The third trap runway equipped with canopies.



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